Garbage Disposal Repair in Moorpark, CA

Considering how often your garbage disposal is used, it should not be surprising that it may stop workproperly every now and then. When this happens, before you rush out and make a new purchase, stop, take a breath, and call My Moorpark Plumber Hero. Often, what appears to be a major problem may actually something that can easily be fixed by one of our top-rated, industry-certified plumbing specialists.

Garbage Disposal Repair Troubleshooting

Did you know that there are times when you don’t need a plumbing specialist onsite to make repairs? There are some adjustments that homeowners can make on their own to save money and get their disposal up and running with little effort or time commitment.

A common reason for a garbage disposal to stop working is that it simply turns itself off to protect the motor. If this is what caused the disposal to stop running, pressing the reset button should be all that is necessary to get the disposal up and running again. You can locate the reset button on the side or underneath the disposal’s motor, which is located under the kitchen sink.

If the disposal’s flywheel stopped turning, there may be food particles or another object stuck between the blades. In a case like this, you’ll want to manually remove any food particles that are impeding the blades’ operation and then try turning on the machine once again.

When working on minor garbage disposal repairs, make sure that safety is always your number one priority. Turn off the power to the disposal and be careful when working with sharp blades.

Call for Professional Drain Cleaning When You Have a Clog

Is your garbage disposal draining slowly or not draining at all? You may have a blockage either in your sink or farther in the drain pipe. If you suspect a clog is the problem, call for professional drain cleaning services right away. Don’t use store bought cleaners because they can corrode your pipes and they may not even address the situation.

Sometimes disposals clog because of incorrect installation. In a situation like this the only thing that will solve the problem is to reinstall the disposal to prevent the problem from happening in the future.

Affordable Plumbing Service in Moorpark, CA

If you are putting off professional garbage disposal repair or replacement services from qualified Moorpark, CA, plumbers because you are concerned about cost, we urge you to give us a call. We offer unbeatable prices that are always accompanied by our 100% customer service guarantee. Call today to learn more!