Is It Time to Update Your Aging Pipes?

Homeowners in Moorpark may be residing in homes with outdated plumbing systems. Older homes in the area could have aged piping that no longer meets the recommended guidelines for plumbing safety and water consumption. My Moorpark Plumber Hero, a locally owned, Ventura County plumbing service, works with homeowners to find the best repair and retrofitting options.

Why are homes in Moorpark and other Ventura County cities at risk? The answer is simple. Many of the homes in our service areas were built 30 or 40 years ago. The plumbing materials used in the 1970s doesn’t compare quality-wise to today’s materials.

What does this mean for homeowners living in older properties? It means living with piping that clogs frequently, leaks often, and may even be delivering unsafe drinking water.

Plumbers in Moorpark Fix Aging Pipes

Learning that a home’s plumbing system is outdated and a potential health hazard can be alarming. Working with licensed plumbers in Moorpark, CA, with years of professional experience can make the situation less harrowing.

Ventura County homes may be outfitted with galvanized piping. Galvanized piping can easily corrode and impede hot water functions. It’s a better idea to replace the entire plumbing system when problems start to pop up. However, whole-house pipe replacement can be pricey. Another option is to replace the section of pipe that went bad with modern piping materials.

However, Band-Aid replacement jobs aren’t a permanent solution. Eventually more repairs to other sections of the house will need to be made and full pipe replacement might be unavoidable.

Whole-house Pipe Replacement Protects Your Family

Aging pipes aren’t just a nuisance. They can have a greater effect on a home and its occupants than merely causing leaks and clogs. For example, homes outfitted with corroded piping could have traces of lead in the drinking water.

According to, the majority of homes built before 1980 have lead solder connecting copper pipes. The top sources for lead finding its way into a home’s drinking water is from lead solders and corroded fixtures.

Lead exposure can cause serious physical and behavioral side effects, especially in fetuses and children. This is we urge homeowners who live in homes built before 1980 to have their water tested for lead. If lead exists, they recommend a whole-house inspection to determine the lead source and make repairs or replacement as needed.

Would you like to learn more about your home’s pipes? Whether you have an older home or a newer build, call My Moorpark Plumber Hero for a whole-house plumbing inspection. You deserve to have peace of mind in your home!

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